Audit & Assurance

Auditing and Assurance in Bronx

When finances are in question or need to be accurately demonstrated to shareholders or prospective buyers and sellers, an audit may be necessary. Audits and assurances need to be performed by capable, responsible and licensed companies. Staract has a team of licensed auditors able to assess any business or property accurately and impartially. For a true assessment of value and a team that can find areas of improvement in any corporation, Queens business owners contact Staract.

Why Would I Need an Audit?

Audits are useful for numerous reasons, from assessing the value of a newly acquired property or completing a sale with a prospective buyer. Some valid reasons for receiving an audit include:

  • Church bylaw requirements
  • Bank loan or lender requirement
  • Purchasing a new building
  • Examining potential financial errors in your company
  • Publicly traded business requirement
  • Fraud or other financial investigations

Our Audit and Assurance Services

  • Assurance of accounts receivable accuracy
  • Revenue reporting accounts for all sales
  • Review of current, and past finances
  • Calculation of assets
  • Audit review to ensure that the information is pertinent to each situation

Trustworthy and Impartial Audit and Assurance

Selecting an auditor who is reliable is essential to ensuring accurate results and that is why Queens business owners and property buyers choose Staract when they need assurance or audits. Our clients know that they can have faith in us to provide them with the highest quality, most communicative work. Our auditors work hand in hand with our clients to guarantee that what they get is exactly what they need.

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