CFO Service

Managing finances is a difficult task for any business owner, and as a business grows, that task becomes increasingly difficult. When managing corporate finances becomes impossible without neglecting other tasks, then it's time to hire a Chief Financial Officer.

Business Accounting

With an experienced staff that is dedicated to the efficient and exact management of your business’s finances, you can rest easy knowing that the accounting aspects of your business are being taken care of by trained professionals.


For any business to be successful it must have an accurate payroll. If your employees are being paid more than they are owed, then you are losing money; if they are not being paid enough, then they are not receiving what they deserve.

Tax Advisory

Running over the books yourself can be beneficial but if you aren’t a CPA or an accountant you may lack the requisite knowledge to find and correctly input minute details that can end up saving you significant amounts of money.

Audit & Assurance

Audits and assurances need to be performed by capable, responsible and licensed companies. Staract LLP has a team of licensed auditors able to assess any business or property accurately and impartially. For a true assessment of value and a team that can find areas of improvement in any corporation.

New Business Formation

There is nothing like being your own boss, making your own hours, and being in control of your brand. Starting a business can be a lifelong dream, but there are many legal and financial considerations that, if not handled properly, can easily turn your dream into a nightmare.

Personal Accounting

You may have several financial goals in mind, such as retirement, education, and vacation, but the trail to reach your goals may not be clearly marked. Our mission is to provide you with the information you need to help you make informed decisions about your finances.