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In partnership with LeoTech Consulting, StarAct offers a wide array of technology solutions to our clients. LeoTech Consulting LLC, is a technology consulting firm which was established with one goal; to bridge the gap between finance and technology.
The synergy between our two companies has created a very unique service offering for our clients. We have successfully combined our talent to offer financial services complimented by technology and automation. These services include, but not limited to, Custom App Development, Managed IT Services, Technology Consulting, and Cloud Based Solutions.

Custom Applications

We use industry leading approaches to design & develop completely custom applications to support business processes and operations.

Managed IT Services

LeoTech Managed IT Services (OneIS) provides a holistic management of your entire IT department. Essentially, an extension of your IT team.

Tech Consulting

We bring a range of technology capabilities and process driven approaches to help our clients solve complex business problems.

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